Property Removal

Property removal passes are issued by the tenant to authorize the removal of company or personal property. They are not required for removal of personal property, but may be issued if security has probable cause to believe the property may belong to a company. Please note the following definitions:
Personal Property:
Property being transported for personal use such as, but not limited to, purses, briefcases, retail items, gym bags, sales cases, etc. or anything that is attached to an individual such as, but not limited to, jewelry and clothing.
Property that is obviously not personal, or property where probable cause to believe the property may belong to his or her company.
Authorized versions of property removal passes are:
  • Standard building property passes created by Work Order System, Building Engines. Only Authorized individuals can create these passes. The pass should be printed and with the item that needs to leave the building.
  • Retail receipts, packing slips, or other forms of proof of purchase for parcels, packages, etc. that are delivered to an employee at their place of employment.

If a security officer observes property removal, the following will occur:
  • The security officer will approach the individual and request a property pass. If a property pass is supplied, the officer will initial the pass and forward it to the Office of the Building.
  • If a property pass is not supplied, the security officer will ask the individual to return to the company and obtain a property pass.
  • If the individual refuses to acquire a property pass, the officer will get the name of the person, as well as a description of the item being removed and write an Incident Report that will be forwarded to the Office of the Building. The tenant contact will be contacted regarding the situation by the Office of the Building.

The Office of the Building suggests that each tenant provide a list of at least three (3) individuals to be designated to authorize property passes for your company. These individuals must be named in the designated section of the Tenant Contact Information Sheet packet and their signature will be kept on file.